Beyond the Fourth Wall

What else do we offer?

For times when one-on-one sessions aren't quite enough, or as a compliment or an introduction to seeing a psychologist, POP Psychology offers quite a few other exciting options. Please get in contact if any of these appeal to you!


Mind + Matter

Into The Woods

Mind + Matter


Our Mindful Monday sessions offer the opportunity to drop by and get an experience of mindfulness practices. These sessions are a fantastic complement to your ongoing wellbeing.


Into The Woods

Mind + Matter



We offer the funnest new parent + baby groups in Brisbane! 

Twice a term, spend a Saturday morning "filling your cup" with us.

Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Into The Woods


A group parenting intervention which offers support, understanding, and skill building, for parents of primary school aged children.

Seeds of Sunshine


Making Psychology Fun!

Ever wondered what The Incredible Hulk, Nemo and Yoda have in common? 

They can all teach you something about feelings!

Come play along with us to learn little snippets of information, tips and strategies for a happier and more productive life, managing your relationships and mental health. 


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